Ready School of the Year Awarded to P.S. 207

Hi friends, 

Yesterday I had a blast celebrating P.S. 207, the Ready School of the Year for 2017!

When I visited P.S. 207 back in February, I was impressed with how prepared the students and staff were for emergencies. In November, the school experienced a kitchen flood that caused the entire building to evacuate. The school had an emergency plan which included a meeting place and Go Bags. The students and staff evacuated and relocated back to the school safely after following their plan.

We had a fun day celebrating preparedness with family and friends! The students created posters, sang songs, and even made a video on emergency preparedness. The school also has a “Ready Kids” program. One student from each class is a “Ready Kid” who is a safety ambassador for their classmates.

At the end of the day, every student got a tour of our Mobile Data Center, a response vehicle that City uses during emergencies.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, P.S. 207!

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Peace and partnerships,
Ready Girl


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