Hop, Skip & Jump Your Way to Being Prepared!

Hi everyone,

Spring is here! Yesterday was the first day of spring. Spring brings a lot of fun and surprises for us all.  Aside from the flowers growing and the weather getting warmer, it is time for spring cleaning!

Did you know you can actually work on getting prepared  while you clean out your closet or pantry? Here are some tips on how to make the most of your spring cleaning:

  • Use an old backpack or duffle bag as your Go Bag
  • Pack an old change of clothes and boots in your Go Bag
  • While sorting through paperwork, be sure that you have the most updated photo ID and copies of important documents in your Go Bag
  • Turn some of your toiletries into travel sizes and pack them in your Go Bag
  • When cleaning your pantry, be sure to check the expiration date on any non-perishable foods and replace them if necessary
  • Pack a favorite book in your Go Bag
  • Update any medical information on your reference card
  • Check the batteries for your smoke detectors

Today, the students from the Rose Hill Pre-K Center in the Bronx and I hula hooped our way to being prepared. Thanks for having me, Rose Hill!

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Peace and happy cleaning,



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