Staying Safe During a Storm!

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy few weeks visiting schools and meeting everyone all across the city. I’ve had a lot of fun teaching students from Pre-K through the 5th grade how to be safe in case of an emergency.

Here are a few pictures visiting some schools in Queens and Brooklyn. Thank you for having me, P.S. 1 & P.S. 22!

As you may know, yesterday we experienced a winter storm. Although the storm was not as much snow as we expected, it is still important that we are prepared in case of the unexpected. Here are a few items to be sure you have in your emergency supply kits:

  • Flashlights and batteries • Non-perishable foods ( such as pasta, peanut butter and tuna) • Water ( 1 gallon per person in my family per day) • First Aid Kit • Extra medication • Pet food and supplies for my dog Since it is the winter, I also make sure I have: • Extra blankets • Board games • Hot chocolate and marshmallows

Take care and be safe!

Peace and snow angels,

Ready Girl


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