Get Back-to-School Ready with Ready Girl!

Hi friends,

I have been really busy getting prepared for September! Not only is September National Preparedness Month, but it’s also when NYC kids head back to school!

A big part of going back to school is getting the right supplies, but it’s also a good idea to be prepared by gathering supplies that can help you during an emergency, too. Here are some ideas:

1. Fill out an Emergency Reference Card with your parent or guardian. Leave this card in your backpack so you have it with you at all times.
2. Add some emergency supplies to your backpack, including a mini first-aid kit, flashlight, hand sanitizer and a water bottle.
3. When you gather supplies for your school backpack, think about adding some extra items such as a notepad and pen into your Go Bag! If you have any leftover crayons or colored pencils from last year, your Go Bag is a great place to keep them along with a coloring book.
4. Keep an extra pair of clothes and shoes in your locker or cubby.
5. If you are starting a new school this year, make sure your parents or guardians are signed up for Notify NYC to receive important emergency alerts.
Last Friday, I attended the Back-to-School Kids’ Block Party in Harlem. I had a lot of fun signing comic books and giving all the students pencils and flashlights for their backpacks. I also had the chance to review My Emergency Plan to include some updated contact information for the new school year!


Best of luck to you all on your first day of school! During the entire month of September, I will be sharing tips on how you and your family can be as prepared as possible!

Peace and No. 2 pencils,


Ready Girl


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