The Unsung Heroes of NYC

Hi friends!

I’m happy to share with you that I was recently featured in A Great Big City’s recent article on New York City’s Mascots along with my friends Hot Dog, Siren, Birdie and Warmy!

Check out the article here.

I am honored to be included among these great mascots, since they all work to help New York City be the best it can be.

Hot Dog and Siren work for the Fire Department (FDNY). You remember when I interviewed Hot Dog and Siren, right? We had so much fun!

Birdie is the official mascot for GreeNYC, an initiative from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) aimed to help New Yorkers be more environmentally friendly. You can learn the easy steps you can take today to preserve energy and recycling tips by following Birdie’s adventures here.

Warmy is the mascot from the Department of Transportation (DOT).  You can follow Warmy and the unsung heroes of the DOT who fill potholes that keep our streets safe by reading the Daily Pothole.

One of my favorite thing to do as a superhero in NYC is meet all of the hardworking New Yorkers, from dogs to birds and even asphalt! Thank you for all that you do, keeping NYC safe, healthy and prepared!


Photo courtesy of A Great Big City via AGBC

-Peace and friendship,
Ready Girl



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