My Day at St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf

Hi friends!

I’m excited to share with you all about the great time I had visiting the first, second, third and fourth graders at the St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf. Located in the Bronx, the school has been educating students who are deaf in New York City for over 135 years!

At the presentation my friend, Jon Lamberton, who is a certified deaf sign language interpreter, and I taught the students the important steps they need to take to  become their own emergency preparedness superheroes. They learned about having two phone numbers, meeting places, an emergency supply kit and a Go Bag. The students taught me some signs for important items in my Go Bag, including mask, water, glasses, batteries and flashlights.


The students did a great job teaching me signs that will help me while I am on my mission educating all New Yorkers about emergency preparedness. Click through the slideshow below to see some of our pictures from the day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I hope to visit St. Joseph’s again soon!


ily Ready Girl


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