Ready Girl Meets Professor Tinkermeister!

Hi everyone,
Last week I went incognito to Orlando, Florida, to learn about hurricanes and share my message of preparedness. I was lucky to meet some new friends, such as Professor Tinkermeister, from the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Professor Tinkermeister created the Wacky, Whiz-Bang, Weather-Watching Wonder that he used to help warn the neighborhood of dangers such as a tornado, a flood and a hailstorm. By using the Wacky Whiz-Bag Weather Watching Wonder, the Professor was able to let all the residents know what to do to be safe.
We also talked about some other hazards that can happen, such as thunderstorms. We even made a thunderstorm using our hands and some percussion instruments!
What I love about Professor Tinkermeister is that he is always finding new ways to teach us how to be safe. Whether it is learning about tornado safety facts, playing the Whiz-Bang quiz, or reading the storybook, there is always something fun to do when you visit his website. There are other stories to learn about hazards such as floods, lightening, hurricanes, and wildfires.
Be sure to visit Kids Get a Plan and share with any friends or family members who live in Florida! It’s always great to meet other people working on sharing the message of preparedness. Thanks for hanging out with me, Professor, and I hope you visit NYC soon!

Peace and Palm Trees,

-Ready Girl


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