My Day at P.S. 54!

Hi everyone,

Last week I had a blast teaching the students at P.S. 54 all about how to be safe and prepared. Some students wore T-shirts of their favorite superheroes, and many had awesome questions about the best way to stay safe! I had so much fun sharing my information on preparedness, and I know they went home and shared the message with their families. Check out some of the awesome pictures in the slideshow below!


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Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite topics ever ― food. During an emergency, it is important to have the right amount of proper food to eat so we are full and healthy. We add food in our Go Bags and in our emergency supply kit when we prepare, but what exactly should we pack?

For Go Bags, you want to pack light food that you can carry easily, and that can last up to six months. In my Go Bag, I have granola bars, trail mix, instant oatmeal, protein bars and powdered soups. They are all light so they are easy to carry, and all I will need is water in order to make a meal that is delicious and nutritious.

For my emergency supply kit, I like to keep it full with canned food. I also have a manual can opener in case the power goes out and I can’t use my electric one. I keep items such as canned tuna, peanut butter, soups, pasta and pasta sauce, canned beans and canned vegetables. I also keep some extra hot chocolate in case we have to stay home for a winter storm. I make sure to have enough canned dog food for my pet, since he will be hungry, too.

All of this food can last a while, but I check the food in my emergency supply kit and Go Bag every six months. I do this to make sure  it’s not expired and also to check to see if anyone in my family has developed any new allergies.

What are some of your favorite items to eat? Can you put them in a Go Bag or your emergency supply kit?

Peace and canned peas,
-Ready Girl



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