My Day at the Intrepid

Hi friends,

Last weekend I flew into the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum located on the West Side of Manhattan. The Intrepid is one of the coolest museums in NYC as it is a former aircraft carrier ship that was used during World War II!

Each February, the Intrepid hosts Kid’s Week, which is a week full of fun activities, performances and exciting things to do when you visit the Intrepid Museum. This year the theme for Kid’s Week was Extreme Environments. I was lucky enough to have been invited to come visit my friends and teach visitors about hurricanes and extreme heat. I also got a chance to learn some exciting things!

We first learned about the forces of gravity and the speed of rockets from a traveling scientist who works at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.


We then got to see a falcon fly around the room! Falcons have tapered wings that make them change directions easier than any other bird. There have been recordings that some falcons can fly up to 200 mph, making them the fastest creature on the planet.


I met some friends from Columbia University and Pratt Institute who are working on different projects with NASA.  It was awesome to get to speak with them and learn about the ways their projects plan to interact with outer space.


I had a lot of fun meeting all of you, and those who stopped by our table were able to color their own superhero cape and mask to wear around the museum! It was great teaching everyone about how to be safe and prepared during extreme weather like hurricanes and extreme heat. To find out more about how to be safe, click here.


Thank you again to the Intrepid for having me, and I can’t wait to come visit next year!

What is your favorite museum in NYC? Would you ever like to go up to space?

Up and away,

Ready Girl


P.S.- Special thanks Erika Kapin Photography for some great pictures!


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