My Day with Heketi Community Charter School

Hi friends,

I wanted to share with you a special day I had visiting the Heketi Community Charter School in the Bronx. We had a blast talking about the different ways to be safe and prepared.

I loved how all the students wore orange. It showed school pride and a great sense of community! Something that I loved about visiting the school was just how engaged and involved all of the students are. When we do things together, it makes them fun and more memorable. Today, I have a special assignment for all of you. I want you to get together with a friend or a sibling and take a few minutes to write down your emergency evacuation plan.
It’s important to do this with others, especially those who you live with so everyone knows where to go in case of an emergency.

Here is how you do it:

1. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a picture of your home. Be sure to include every room, exits and stairwells.

2. Think about your evacuation plan. Where would you go if there was a fire in your home? Draw it out on your map. If you can, draw your meeting place that is close to your home on the map as well.

3. Compare your map to your or friend’s or sibling’s! Did you have the same route? If not, what was different?

You can also download this awesome Home Fire Escape Plan courtesy of our friends at the American Red Cross!

Stay safe and prepared, and go Heketi!

-Ready Girl


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