Mastering the Meeting Place!

Hi everyone,
After a bitter cold weekend, I hope you all are staying safe and warm! Today, I want to share one of the most important things we all need in our emergency plans: our meeting places.

Meeting places are where you go to meet with your family, guardians or loved ones in case an emergency makes it difficult or unsafe for you to go home. You may be familiar with meeting places since you have them at school: each class has their own meeting place during a fire drill. They are very important to keep us safe at school, which is why we should also have them at home.

As a superhero, I have meeting places all across the city to meet up with my fellow superheroes in case of an emergency. It is important that I know how to get to my meeting places before an emergency, so I review them to make sure I remember where to go and how to get there. When you pick your meeting places with your family and loved ones, practice going to them and review them every few months just like we do.

I might have a lot of meeting places, but you should make sure you have two: one near your home, and one far away from your home.

Near: One meeting place should be close to your home. This meeting place, known as your “near meeting place,” is where you go to meet if an emergency is at your home or close to it. It could be a neighbor’s house, at a store or a local pizzeria. This meeting place should be easy to get to on your own.

Far: The second meeting place, known as the “far meeting place,” is where you go in case you cannot get to your block or street. This meeting place should be a few blocks away from your home, but also a place that you can walk to safely on your own, without having to cross any major roads. This meeting place can be a local library, your school, or a large landmark building.

Make sure you write these meeting places down and keep them in your backpack just like I do. Another Ready Girl tip: only share these meeting places with people you know and trust, like your family, guardians and loved ones. It’s a great way to make sure you are always being safe and prepared!

(And in case your family wants to learn more about meeting places, tell them to visit Ready New York for more information! )

Peace and safety,

Ready Girl



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