Winter Safety Tips (Plus a Fun Game!)

Hi everyone,

As I am sure you all realized this week, winter is here! Although during the winter it is fun to go ice skating, play in the snow and drink hot chocolate, it is also a very important to know how to be safe during this season. Trust me, I won’t be flying around NYC without my earmuffs or gloves on anytime soon.

It is important to always be prepared for winter storms, and you can do this by gathering items today for your home. This is called an emergency supply kit. Some items include extra flashlights and batteries, battery-operated radio, canned food and a can openers, warm blankets, water and extra medication. Emergency supply kits are important because if there is a big storm, you will have to stay indoors. I recommend having enough items to last up to 7 days for everyone in your home (even enough food for your goldfish! ). And make sure you regularly restock your emergency supply kit if you use it.

I always like to have extra coloring books, a deck of cards and a board game to keep me busy. It is always good to have these items in case the power goes out during a storm.

Aside from stocking your home up with these items (also hot chocolate and extra marshmallows) it is important to know the winter weather hazards. Below are my winter hazard words, and a fun word search to print after you’re done reading them (or to save for a snowy day!)

Peace and earmuffs,


  • Freezing Rain: rain that freezes when it hits the ground.
  • Snow: precipitation in the form of flakes that falls from the clouds when temperatures are at or below 32 degrees.
  • Frost/Freeze Warning: issued when temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.
  • Sleet: rain that turns to ice pellets before reaching the ground.
  • Ice Storm: when ice accumulations are expected during freezing rain situations.
  • Wind Chill: the temperature it “feels like” when you are outside.
  • Heavy Snow: snowfall accumulating to 4 inches or more in depth in 12 hours or less
  • Winter Storm Warning: issued by the National Weather Service when a winter storm is producing or is forecast to produce heavy snow or significant ice.
  • Blizzard: a severe snow storm with high winds and low visibility
  • Department of Sanitation (DSNY): NYC agency  responsible for garbage pickup, recycling and snow removal.

Ready Girl Winter Word Search


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