Be Safe This Holiday Season!

Hi friends,
As the holidays grow near, I wanted to spend some time talking about cyber safety. While some of us may get new electronics this year, it is important to be safe when using them. Since us heroes often use many devices (cell phones, radios- you name it!) here are some tips to make sure your devices are protected and work at lightning speed:
1. Never give out your password, except to your parents or guardians. Not even to your best friends!
2. Be sure to get permission before you download anything, even if it’s free. You want to be sure you don’t download any viruses.
3. Never give out your personal information online. That means things like your full name, address, ID numbers, and more.
4. Be sure you let your family know when you are on the internet (even when you are visiting my website!).
5. Don’t click on any links that you don’t recognize. We superheroes are taught this can be dangerous.
6. Think before you send! My friends over at Myra S. Barnes Middle School in Staten Island wrote an amazing brochure about how we can be safe on the internet. You can download it here.

What are some ways YOU can be an advocate for cyber safety at school? How can you teach your friends and families about the best way to use the internet? I’d love to hear your tips below. Thanks to all of you superheroes for keeping New York City safe!


Love and cheer,



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