My Day at St. Brigid’s

Hi everyone! Last Thursday I met with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students from St. Brigid’s School in the Lower East Side to talk with them about emergency preparedness. We spoke about the steps it takes to be prepared, and how each student can have their own superhero emergency preparedness plan!

IMG_0018 IMG_3165 IMG_3168IMG_3167

One thing I enjoy sharing with students is the “Get Ready, New York!” guide that has my favorite poem in it. We had some super students who volunteered to read it and review the four steps in becoming an emergency management superhero:

  1. Have two important phone numbers.
  2. Have two meeting places.
  3. Gather items for your Go Bag.
  4. Gather items for your stay-at-home kit.

We had a great time filling out our plans, and answering the fun games and puzzles about preparedness inside. You can print out your own copy here:

On the poem, look for your borough. What color is it? I live in Queens, so my borough is orange. I also have two airports and Citi Field! What do you see on yours? Comment below!

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