Stay Safe this Halloween with Ready Girl!

Hi friends!
We are only one day away from Halloween. This week I went to a few Halloween parties, and I was able to see the awesome costumes everyone wore! I especially adore these little heroes at the Catholic Charities event at Our Lady of Solace Church:

IMG_4704 IMG_4703 IMG_4702

While Halloween is a fun day to trick-or-treat and dress up with your friends, it is also important to stay safe. Here are some important Halloween safety tips every kid should know:
• Be sure to be safe while walking, especially at night. Just like any other day in NYC, look both ways when you cross the street, only cross at crosswalks, and stay together.
• Be sure to always be with a parent, guardian or older sibling when you trick-or-treat. Never do it alone.
• Make sure to throw away any candy or treat that is open or if the wrapper has been ripped.
• If you are wearing a mask or anything covering your face, be sure you can still see. Also, make sure your capes and dresses are not too long so you won’t trip.
• Before you leave, talk to your family about having meeting places in case you get split up.
• Make sure to bring your flashlight if you plan to trick-or-treat when it gets dark. Again, always be with a guardian and NEVER go anywhere alone.

What are you dressing up as ? Comment below!

P.S.- Did you know you can use an emergency blanket as a last minute superhero cape? They keep our bodies warm during an emergency. Put this on with your favorite mask, and you’re the next NYC Emergency Management Superhero!




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